A Rewarding Opportunity for Intelligent Young Nigerians

Do you know young, intelligent Nigerians interested in sustainable and green technologies?

Please encourage them to join this competition of GreenTech ideas now!

Arnergy launches the “NextGen GreenTech Demo” competition to inspire solution-based thinking among Nigeria’s vibrant next-generation talents and incentivize them to win great prizes by developing innovative solutions and interventions to advance the nation’s green and sustainability drive.

Encourage young people around you to explore this excellent opportunity for our brightest young minds to develop powerful GreenTech and sustainable solutions to real-life challenges and win exceptional prizes.

Application is open and FREE to young Nigerians aged 21 and below and can be physically available to attend the “NextGen GreenTech Demo” competition in Ilupeju Lagos on Sat, 2nd Dec 2023. Applicants must ace the online screening assessment and qualify from the statement of purpose (SOP) evaluation stage to participate in the competition.

You can email [email protected], call 018888554, or send a Whatsapp to 08092308888 today to learn more about Arnergy Solar Solutions and how they can deliver on your energy needs.


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