Employee Benefits

We're more than just a workplace. We're a family.

We know that finding a meaningful and rewarding job can be a long journey. Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you and to create an enjoyable work environment – one where you’ll look forward to coming to every day.

We Want to Keep You Safe

 In light of the pandemic, we have taken steps to ensure that all our employees are safe. Which is why employees have options to work from the comfort of their home, or come into the office when they need to.

You Own A Piece of The Pie

 Be a part of our story, our culture and most importantly, our growth. Employees have automatic shares in the company with every year of commitment established.

Your Physical Health Matters, Your Family’s Too

 At Arnergy, we don’t just want you to stay healthy. We want your loved ones to stay healthy too. This is why our health insurance plans cover both you and your loved ones.

We Want You to Grow

 We grow when you grow, so we constantly push you to do better and be better. We have partnered with the Udemy Learning Platform to give all our staff unlimited training and learning opportunities.

We Keep You Financially Secure

 From our highly-rated retirement savings plans to financial advisors and stock options, we offer many resources to help keep you financially secure long after you’re retired.

We Appreciate You

 At Arnergy, we appreciate efforts and talent which is why we make sure to reward employees with exceptional performance. With us, your efforts are truly appreciated.

Your Opinion Matters

 There’s no stifled voices or unheard opinions. We value employee input and make sure your voice is heard. Because your opinions matter to us.

We Value Your Mental Health

 A mentally strong workforce is a productive workforce. So we ensure that you have everything you need to keep mentally as well as physically fit. Our insurance covers mental health (therapy and EAP) and gym and wellness subscriptions. For those who work onsite, we have a fitness centre and cafe to serve your needs.

We Help You Save On the Little Things

 We never throw our own to the wolves. We know working from home can be costly, so we have made provisions for voice and data subscription for our employees. This way, you don’t have to deal with monthly data bills and you can save even more for yourself..

You Get Free Lunch

For our on site staff, we provide a variety of highly nutritious meals and snacks to keep you healthy, powered and productive throughout the day.

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