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Insufficient Mobile Connectivity in Rural Communities limits Opportunities and Socio-Economic Growth.

Life in rural communities has been negatively impacted by a lack of access to real-time connections and the inability to learn and harness opportunities from the rest of the global community. Miles of long inaccessible roads and sparse opportunities in these rural areas have made it an operational nightmare for network operators to set up mobile connections in those areas.

As a result, people in these communities have been deprived of essential digital opportunities such as student reading and doing assignments via the internet, farmers connecting with the right supply chain, or communities getting timely access to important health updates.


With many states and NGOs working towards accelerating digital inclusion in these rural communities, Arnergy RuralBase solutions have edged the supply chain and operational risk for African Rural TowerCos and MNOs, and present reliable and durable solar-powered systems that effectively address the energy needs of electronic communication devices deployed to remote areas in a very cost and energy-efficient manner.

Why Choose the Solar RuralBase Solutions?


Increase Mobile Network Coverage


Reduced Noise and Air Pollution


Optimize operating expenses


Curtail diesel vandalization


Simplify supply chain issues


Improve Base Station Sustainability

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More About Solar Solutions for Telecom RuralBase Stations

A highly functioning rural communication system will open up a lot of developmental opportunities for rural Africa. However, the lack of access to stable electricity from the national grid has made it extremely difficult for network providers to establish telecom base stations in rural areas. With the Arnergy RuralBase solutions, telecom companies now have the means to expand their coverage areas to rural communities with integrated solar units that possess the efficiency, reliability, and durability to constantly power outdoor base stations in rural areas with no connection to the national grid.

Africa’s emerging markets will benefit immensely from a more fluid value chain, especially in our manufacturing sectors. The availability of widespread and reliable telecommunications services across urban and rural Africa is the key to bridging the communication gap between the supply chain and the market. This is why the Arnergy RuralBase solutions have been designed to be the perfect energy source to drive the rapid expansion of telecom base stations in both rural and urban areas. These solar units are resistant to weather, require minimal maintenance, and can be monitored remotely.

Network providers often have to rely on diesel generators to power important rural base stations due to a lack of access to stable electricity from the national grid. It turned out that fueling and maintaining these generators in rural communities have become logistical nightmares and unsafe endeavors for many base station operators. The Arnergy RuralBase solution is a durable power supply unit that requires very little running cost and comes with a SolarBase App that allows you to monitor your solar unit remotely.

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