Arnergy Tackles Real Estates Energy Challenges and Advances Mini-grid Collaborations

Last Wednesday, 4th October 2023, Arnergy conveyed an all-important gathering of leaders and stakeholders across the critical sectors around real estate development and renewable energy solutions.

Arnergy’s recently concluded stakeholder engagement events drive important deliberations around tackling real estate energy challenges and advancing collaborations toward expanding mini-grid developments. The high-impact events featured industry leaders, technical experts, financiers, real estate developers, estate resident associations, mini-grid developers, solar channel partners, and government representatives and utilized expert presentations, keynote addresses, panel sessions, and real-life case studies to chart a sustainable pathway towards expanding access to clean energy.

Reviewing the First Session:

The Nigerian real estate industry currently grapples with unreliable electricity and the rising cost of self-supplied energy, and Arnergy seeks experts’ and stakeholders’ collaboration toward meeting their reliable and cost-effective electricity demands.

With a keen focus on addressing energy challenges for real estate projects and residential estates, the “Solar Solutions for Sustainable Real Estate Development” session featured renowned real estate developers, leading renewable energy specialists, and financial experts to discuss providing reliable, clean electricity for estate residents, sustainable energy costs, funding opportunities for developers, and essential collaboration and policy development towards achieving the industry’s sustainability goals. 

While speaking to the media, the CEO of Arnergy, Femi Adeyemo, said: “Diesel is over N1000 per liter, petrol is N615 per liter, following the subsidy removal, and this means that the real estate space in recent times, has been actively looking for solutions. This is why we believe there is no better time than now for us to put together a stakeholder dialogue like this to see how Arnergy and, by extension, the renewable energy sector can collaborate with the real estate sector.”

“That is why we have identified a few of the top developers in Nigeria that will be coming today, and I am here to learn and see what we need to do to support or collaborate with real estate developers so that for new estates that they will be building, we can have co-design solutions. We are targeting existing developments across the country as well. This is to prevent us from developing and pushing products that do not meet the needs or price range that residents would want to pay.”

Reviewing the Second Session:

Limited access to stable electricity and modern cooking fuels and the recent increase in fuel prices have skyrocketed energy spending and affected productivity.

The “Charting a Bright Future with Mini-grids and Solar Channel Partners” session featured insights on grant funding for mini-grid projects and an educating panel session on mini-grid challenges in Nigeria, its development and financing, and its impacts on life quality. It also included an expert presentation on accessing mini-grid financing, a call for continuous collaboration in the renewable energy sector, and details of valuable offerings and partnership opportunities for developers and solar channel partners.

“Arnergy is at the forefront of providing innovative energy solutions to improve economic outcomes and power a sustainable future,” says Femi Adeyemo, CEO of Arnergy.

“These events bring together key stakeholders to drive the adoption of renewables and accelerate the growth of solar solutions and mini-grid developments.”

Key Highlights to Note: 

  • Arnergy believes sustainability is critical to the modern real estate business.

  • The first event seeks collaboration between real estate and energy stakeholders.
  • The second event engages energy sector stakeholders to accelerate solar adoption and mini-grids.

  • Arnergy aims to drive clean and smart energy accessibility across industries.
  • Expert presentations, panel discussions, and case study showcases achieved both events’ objectives.

About Arnergy:

Arnergy is a cleantech company offering businesses and households modular, scalable, clean, and reliable energy solutions. We aim to improve energy access and digital inclusion in Africa through partnerships and empowering domestic and commercial consumers with best-quality distributed solar utilities equipped with our best-in-class proprietary cloud-based and real-time energy management system.

You can email [email protected], call 018888554, or send a Whatsapp to 08092308888 today to learn more about Arnergy Solar Solutions and how they can deliver on your energy needs.


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