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Arnergy is a cleantech company offering businesses and households modular, scalable, clean, and reliable energy solutions. We aim to improve energy access and digital inclusion in Africa through partnerships and empowering domestic and commercial consumers with best-quality distributed solar utilities equipped with our best-in-class proprietary cloud-based and real-time energy management system.

Ending Excessive Consumer Spendings On Fuel Generators

Africans have long gotten comfortable and used to various forms of dirty fuel generators due to insufficient access to electricity and modern cooking fuels and the energy deficit across value chains. The recent rising energy costs across the globe have disrupted the finances of many African households and businesses in Africa that rely partially or entirely on self-supplied energy to meet their daily demands.

Arnergy seeks to address these pressing challenges of expanding sustainable energy access and reducing Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Africa by providing best-in-class clean energy solutions, establishing flexible financing partnerships to ease consumers’ transition to renewables, and prioritizing continuous consumer education drives.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Arnergy is a venture-backed cleantech with the long-term growth and expansion potential to attract key investments and financing from energy investors across the globe, including Breakthrough Energy (BEV), Norfund, EDFI, and All On. Since then, Arnergy has been driving clean energy access and digital inclusion across Africa with highly reliable modular, clean energy solutions equipped with cloud-based and real-time energy management system (EMS).

We are trusted and dependable and have the right resources and commitment to grow and deliver excellent service over a long period.

“I had a chance to visit Arnergy’s office in Lagos, and it’s safe to say I was arnerg-ized by our conversations.”
“Arnergy is in the right segment towards meeting the Nigeria’s demands for energy. We need the private sector to take leadership in such conversations. What Arnergy is doing is good not just for businesses, but for families and the climate.”
“Arnergy and Panaserv partnership empowers Nigerians through sustainable solar solutions. By providing state-of-the-art Daikin solutions to residential and commercial customers, this partnership seek to deliver better air, reduce health hazards, and critically reduce pressures on the national grid across Nigeria.”
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Photo Highlight - Bill Gates BEV Visit 2023

Arnergy Vision

Provide sustainable solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets.

Our Mission

To deliver energy solutions for productive use by deploying products, services and systems that power business operations and improve economic outcomes for our clients.

What Do We Want to Achieve?

Reduce energy poverty in Africa - Arnergy objectives and goals

Reduce energy

inequality and poverty

in Africa.

Lower operational expenses for SMEs. - Arnergy objectives and goals

Lower operational expenses (OPEX) for SMEs.

Power sustainable economic growth - Arnergy objectives and goals

Power sustainable business and economic growth.

Serve industrial zones and public demands. - Arnergy objectives and goals

Serve industrial zones and public energy needs.

Provide clean and noiseless electricity - Arnergy objectives and goals

Provide reliable,

clean, and noiseless electricity.

Improve health and quality of life metrics - Arnergy objectives and goals

Improve health and quality of life metrics.

Create green and sustainable jobs - Arnergy objectives and goals.

Create green and sustainable jobs across sectors.

Limit CO2e and protect the environment - Arnergy objectives and goals

Limit CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

Arnergy Core Values
Arnergy SDG Performances


Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitments

We are committed to exemplary performance at Arnergy, which is why we comply with notable international Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards to ensure that we leave a positive impact on people and the environment.

Our internal practices align with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. We are committed to safely executing projects to protect our employees’ well-being and the environment we work.

Our ESG commitments also drive us to ensure our business produces a more significant development impact in society. We record several relevant developmental impact indicators to help us track our results and for stakeholder feedback.
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