Connecting the Unconnected Digitising African Rural Communities with Arnergy’s RuralBase

Communication is the most valuable tool in the world today. With digital and technological trends, information travels thousands of miles per millisecond, helping individuals, businesses, and world economies benefit from real-time connection, turning the world into a global village.

 “There is no gainsaying that Arnergy is at the forefront of decarbonising Africa. The rollout of 2nd and 3rd generation cell towers saw several metric tons of carbon emitted into the atmosphere in Africa. We have been very intentional in bringing to market zero-carbon off-grid solar products that would power 5G and rural towers thereby connecting the next billion sustainably.” – Femi Adeyemo, CEO, Arnergy.

Femi Adeyemo - CEO Arnergy

Due to Africa’s tremendous solar energy resources, there is significant solar irradiation to generate enough energy to power rural telecom towers entirely on off-grid Solar.

Rural Base is a ground/pole mount system developed in-house by Arnergy, with the sole mission to effectively address the energy needs of electronic communication devices deployed to remote areas across the country in a very cost and energy-efficient manner.

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