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Arnergy Opulence All-in-One Solar Power Products for High-End Users

Arnergy Opulence Series

A premium scalable solar power product that transforms the urban consumer energy experience with high-performance and intelligent solar solutions packed in a durable, sleek design.Β 

Arnergy solar marketplace for solar products and components.

Arnergy Marketplace

Explore an online marketplace and inventory of top-quality and reliable solar products and solar system parts and components for your solutions and projects.

Arnergy BlueBox solar power system

Arnergy BlueBox Series

This modular, scalable, and lithium-based complete microgrid solar energy solution from Arnergy bridges the gap in energy demands for homes, businesses, and SMEs in Nigeria.Β 

Arnergy solar channel partners, distributors and installers network

Arnergy Partner Network

Enjoy exclusive product discounts, lucrative opportunities, and responsive after-sales support when you become an Arnergy channel partner.

Arnergy Solar Payment Models

Our solar systems are modular, stackable, and available in single and multi-phase.
Arnergy Solar Lease to Own

Lease to own (LO)

A finance model where customers lease a solar system towards ownership between 12 to 36 months.

Arnergy Solar Outright Sale

Outright Sale (OS)

Our outright sale option allows customers pay the outright cost to purchase and own a solar system.

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