How To Manage High Energy Cost And Reduce OPEX

How To Manage High Energy Cost And Reduce OPEX

How To Manage High Energy Cost And Reduce OPEX

Earlier in June 2022, Joseph Brendan shared this surprising tweet upon finding out about the exorbitant prices that businesses have to spend on generating energy to sustain their day-to-day running.

Joseph Brendan Twitter

The tweet keeps gaining traction as many people across various industries keep coming to lament the challenges they face daily to keep their businesses running and their homes powered. We understood from the tweet that some business owners are spending well over five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) on diesel annually. That’s a lot of expenses, both in Naira and in Dollars for any business.

This is the sad reality of many businesses today. The cost of powering the operations of businesses, workshops, and factories keeps skyrocketing, and there doesn’t seem to be any solution or end to the diesel issue on site.

Monthly spending on diesel and power bills

Consider how much you spend on diesel every month and add that to the monthly energy bills you pay for grid electricity that cannot be relied upon. Now let’s take a few minutes to tally all these expenses and put them in proper perspective.

Let’s assume you work with an average SME that spends $1000 (₦580k) on diesel weekly. Now multiply that by four weeks in a month and your team will be spending about $4000 (₦2.3m) every month on just diesel. If we scale this on an annual basis, your team will have spent over $50,000 (₦29m) on diesel and electricity bills alone. As explained in the initial tweet, this spending on power grows rapidly as the energy need of a company increases beyond the basic requirements of SMEs.

In comparison, the over $50,000 (₦29m) that an average SME will spend on diesel annually is much higher than the cost of purchasing a high-quality 30kVA solar solution. Based on observations from our pool of SME clients, the Arnergy 30kVA solar system can completely power most SMEs and small businesses without downtime, depending on the company’s energy requirements.

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Offgrid Solar System in Nigeria with Arnergy

Essentially, what Arnergy is offering is a highly reliable and best-in-class alternative to diesel generators that comes with 10+ years of service life and impressively short and long-term economic benefits. Arnergy solar offers a five years warranty for all its solar products and provides you with a very stress-free affordable way of powering your businesses and homes.

You too can take charge of your power supply today and shield yourself against unforeseen circumstances related to power. 

Please call Arnergy Solar NOW on 07002288888 or 08002288888, message us on WhatsApp via 08092308888, or email to ask questions and get a Solar System that meets your needs.

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