Never Let Your Guard Down! Read Seyi’s Experience

Arnergy - Never Let Your Guard Down! Read Seyi's Experience

We have all experienced that moment where we face intense pressure to meet a deadline or attend a virtual function while struggling with poor internet connectivity or low power on our devices. As we earlier promised, today we are bringing you the narration of an ordeal faced by a new start-up in Lagos just before they secured their desired funding sometimes last year.

Arnergy - project management and solar

After six months of serious determination and working day and night, Seyi and his team have finally completed their new product designed for multi-branch institutions to manage response time and the product was ready for launch. In just a few weeks they were able to secure credible investors from around the globe to finance and support them with driving the new product. After many sessions of presentations, demonstrations, and deliberations, the final zoom meeting with all the investors to iron out a few more technicalities and seal the deal was set. Well, that’s when the debacle started for Seyi. 

A day before the final meeting, the transformer in his area blew during a heavy downpour. They tried pressuring the power authorities to replace it but there wasn’t any replacement on the ground and they didn’t have the resources to secure a new one.

Arnergy - National grid repair and maintenance

Seyi wasn’t that concerned about the impending blackout for the entire area because he has a backup generator for situations like this. However, when he arrived at the filling station the next morning to get fuel, he was confronted with a long and unending queue.

fuel queue nigeria

He was getting worried but still managed to get ten liters of fuel from the black market at three times the normal price just a few hours before the meeting. Seyi refilled the generator and started working with it as he planned, but the generator only worked for about 40 minutes before it started smoking heavily and making wired sounds, and then eventually went off and couldn’t be restarted.

diesel generator failing

By then, it was just two hours to the meeting and Seyi was now panicking. He rushed to his mechanic’s workshop with the generator, and they checked and informed him that the fuel he bought was mixed with something else and it has damaged some of the generator components. They have to take the entire generator apart to figure out what was damaged and what needed to be replaced.

Seyi thought about possible alternatives and recalled that his friend, Bello who is living just 20 minutes away had always boasted about having a 24/7 power supply with a top-quality Arnergy solar that can power his ACs, freezer, TV, and other major gadgets. Immediately, Seyi ran home to gather his working materials and started driving to Bello’s house. He called Bello while on the way, and Bello confirmed that he is at home as usual, and his Arnergy Solar system is working as perfectly as ever.

Arnergy solar for homes and remote workers

It was 30 minutes to the meeting when Seyi arrived at Bello’s house. So, he had some time to set up a makeshift workstation, review his meeting documents, and finalized with the rest of his team members. Overall, Seyi did excellently during the meeting and secured the requisite funding and commitment of the investors to move ahead with the release timetable for the product. After the meeting ended, Seyi quickly collected the contact for Arnergy Solar from Bello and started discussing with us about installing one of our solar systems in his home.

Arnergy solar for homes and remote workers

We have more amazing stories about solar users from around the country and will keep sharing them with you. Enjoy this testimonial video: Arnergy helps me keep the lights on    — Ekena Okeke (Director – Elico Divine Ventures)

You too can take charge of your power supply today and shield yourself against unforeseen circumstances related to power. Please call Arnergy Solar NOW on 07002288888 or 08002288888, message us on WhatsApp via 08092308888, or email to ask questions and get a Solar System that meets your needs.

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