The Role of Solar Systems In Sustainable Healthcare

Stop for a minute and imagine what would happen if the power supply in a hospital went off for  5 minutes?

You see, healthcare establishments need a constant source of power supply, especially now that this industry is hugely dependent on technology. The healthcare industry is making strides in technology, and with the development of certain medical machines designed to run tests, scans, and keep patients alive and healthy, it’s only that hospitals should opt for a more stable and reliable source of electricity, like a solar system units.

Why a solar system, you ask? The first answer to why healthcare needs solar is that regular electricity is not always guaranteed. Between its stability issues and power fluctuations, it is easy for a blackout, which could hinder a medical procedure’s progress.

Other reasons why healthcare needs a solar system is due to how technologically advanced medicine and health is now. This alone points out the importance of sola in the healthcare industry. When we speak of the healthcare industry being technologically advanced, what we really meant is the development of certain medical devices like the CAT Scanner and information technology management systems that hospitals rely on for managing patient’s personal data. To add to this, below are other reasons why healthcare needs solar system units.

Intensive Information Technology Systems

Hospitals have several patients under their care, in different wards, each patient with their illnesses and medical records, and this could be a handful for them to keep track of. It’s a no-brainer that hospitals would need more sustainable means of storing patient’s records for easy access and utilization, which is why they would push for intensive information technology systems.

Technology forward hospitals use state-of-the-art information systems to improve hospital management, patient administration, and clinical tasks. With these advanced information systems, hospital administrators can conveniently control and oversee various facilities functioning on different hospital wards.

Medical Devices

Technology definitely revolutionized the way medicine is practiced and produced some of the most modern devices used by medical personnel today. This progress brought by technology and medicine merging into one has significantly aided in treating and examining patients and producing equipment like MRIs, ventilators, centrifuges, and other medical tools used for diagnosing illnesses, which all depend on power supply to function.

Building Systems

Besides needing power for medical equipment to function, healthcare establishments also need power supply for the overall running of their building and other vital systems in it.

Healthcare needs power for its technology like fire alarms and closed-circuit television for monitoring the facility. Data centers, which store patients and medical personnel’s records and data processing applications that need servers and routers to function, also depend on electricity.

Intelligent Building Management Systems

Most healthcare centers use innovative devices like Intelligent Building Management Systems to manage their buildings and maintain their smooth functioning. This management system takes over the hospital’s complete running and can control communications, operations, and even grant the personnel access to monitor, control, and integrate the appropriate temperature for patients using ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

Hospitals also use IBMS to boost their security and management and oversee many security protocols like access control, video surveillance, and perimeter protection.

Maintaining Standard Power Supply 

Powering medical devices and using smart management systems aren’t the only reasons why healthcare needs solar system units. Another good reason would be for such organizations to maintain a standard power supply. To operate properly and comply with national guidelines, hospitals must have sufficient and steady backup power supply, not generators.

Although most hospitals rely on generators to run effectively, generators are not an ideal power supply option and shouldn’t be used as the standard backup for a hospital’s electricity. 

What Are the Best Solar Inverters For The Healthcare Industry?

Solar systems might be the ideal backup power supply for the healthcare industry, but you would still need to find solar panels, batteries, and inverters that are safe and durable enough to power your entire hospital. If you need suggestions, these are the best inverters for the healthcare industry:

Modular Inverters

Most medical equipment is sensitive, and as such, you need to use the right type of inverters for them. That’s where modular inverters come in. Modular inverters can power sensitive medical devices during a power outage. These inverters are safe and convert DC power from a power source into a safe current for running large equipment and appliances in your hospital.

Another reason why modular inverters are perfect to use in a hospital is that they are made of interconnected components. Its inter-connected components mean that other modules of this Inverter can keep working even when one of the modules is damaged. This also allows for a true uninterrupted power supply in your hospital. You can also customize your modular inverter to suit your hospital’s needs.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters are good for your heavy industrial equipment, but they are not suitable for sensitive medical devices because they are sensitive to AC wave signals. These inverters have filters, inductors, and capacitors working to clean up their sine wave. 

The pure sine inverter’s AC square wave is suitable for devices like your coffee maker, simple electric motors, but your sensitive medical equipment needs smoother sine waves.

Where to Buy Solar Systems With Reliable Inverters for Your Hospital? 

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