SunFi & Arnergy Solar Partner To Fix Reliability Across Nigeria

SunFi & Arnergy Partner To Fix Energy Reliability Across Nigeria

SunFi & Arnergy Partner To Fix Energy Reliability Across Nigeria

Arnergy and SunFi today announced their partnership to fix energy reliability across the country. The partnership will lower solar energy access barriers for middle-income families and small-medium enterprises in Nigeria.

SunFi’s pioneering platform is a game-changer for solar providers and consumers. Before now, solar companies had to be solar providers and financiers. Now, SunFi’s platform enables solar providers to focus on providing the best solar solutions for the end consumer — while SunFi takes care of payment plans that make solar power accessible by solar providers. 

“Over the next ten years and beyond, SunFi aims to help millions of everyday Nigerians transition from petrol and diesel generators to solar inverter systems,”

— Rotimi Thomas, CEO at SunFi

The partnership with Arnergy is a huge step in the right direction as Arnergy is a leader in the solar services industry, offering best-in-class solutions to end consumers.”

“The collaboration between Arnergy and SunFi to increase consumer’s access to affordable payment plans for solar solution installation is timely, and will drive the adoption of renewable solar energy to bridge the energy deficit in Nigeria, alleviate energy pains and improve socio-economic outcomes.”

— Omobola Omofaiye, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Arnergy
Affordable Solar System in Nigeria with Arnergy

As part of this partnership, Nigerians can purchase the full range of Arnergy’s distributed utility models, which are powered by lithium-ion-based batteries – a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel generators, establishing a more reliable electricity supply through storage solutions and an average 10-year lifespan. With the company’s proprietary remote monitoring technology, SolarBase, Arnergy’s customers are also able to monitor and adjust their energy consumption in real-time through the convenience of a mobile (Android & iOS) or web app, establishing a major breakthrough for individuals and businesses seeking greater control over their household and OPEX costs respectively.

Installmental payment for solar system in nigeria

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Easy access to budget-friendly payment options
  • Cost savings on electricity and fuel-powered generating sets
  • Reliable electricity
  • A cleaner environment and more sustainable future
Offgrid Solar System in Nigeria with Arnergy

About SunFi: Founded in 2021, the SunFi team has built a technology platform that optimizes and matches the right clean energy solution to meet consumer needs. Requesting a payment plan on SunFi can be done by filling out the “Get Your Offer” form on the website.

About Arnergy: Arnergy is a distributed energy utility company that provides sustainable renewable energy solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets. Founded in 2013, Arnergy designs and manufactures technology-enabled stand-alone solar rooftop solutions, providing affordable, reliable, and clean energy for corporates, SMEs, and communities. Arnergy drives impact and positive outcomes in the local economies in a sustainable and profitable way by displacing carbon-intensive sources of energy whilst addressing energy reliability gaps and offering cost optimizations for businesses and individuals. Arnergy is backed by a core investor base of top-tier foreign and local institutional investors which include Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, EDFI ElectriFI, Norfund and Shell-seeded All On.

You can reach our team at 0700-228-8888, message us on WhatsApp via 0809-230-8888, or email to learn more about how you can take advantage of this new opportunity.

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