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Solar Solutions for Sustainable Real Estate Development

As the Nigerian real estate industry grapples with unreliable electricity and the rising cost of self-supplied energy, the prospects of meeting consumers' electricity demands using reliable and cost-effective renewable alternatives have become very viable.

The “Solar Solutions for Sustainable Real Estate Development" event, organized by Arnergy, is a high-impact stakeholder engagement event designed to address the challenges real estate developers and homeowners face in fulfilling household energy demands and increasing energy costs caused by volatile fuel prices.

With a keen focus on addressing the economic and reliability challenges of reliance on gasoline-powered generators, this stakeholder engagement aims to empower real estate developers and homeowners with valuable insights and case studies to guide the transition to sustainable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

The event brings together an elite group of renowned real estate developers, estate resident associations, renewable energy specialists, leading solar technologists, and financial experts to lead these difficult conversations around solving energy challenges for real estate projects and the opportunities for reliable solar energy solutions.

Attendees can accomplish the following during the event.

  • Actively engage energy experts and peers on solar viability.
  • Gain insights on the financial benefits of solar adoption.
  • Learn the specifics of solar adoption in real estate projects.
  • Attend the discussions on solar funding and adoption pathways.
  • Understand how rising energy costs affect real estate investments.
  • Explore reliable and cost-saving alternatives to gasoline generators.
  • Know the latest solar technologies and installation options.
  • Join the conversation on the best solar system setups for estates.
  • Review real-life examples of active solar adoption in estate projects.
  • Foster valuable connections and networks for future collaborations. 

Real Estate Developers: This group includes professionals developing residential properties like greenfield and brownfield estate projects. The event will showcase how integrating solar energy solutions can make real estate projects more sustainable, energy-efficient, and financially viable. 

Estate Resident Associations: This group comprises representatives from various estate resident associations in Nigeria. The event aims to empower these associations with knowledge about the benefits and pathways of adopting highly reliable solar energy solutions for their estates. 

Join this stakeholder conversation and learn how to harness opportunities for solar energy solutions in real estate projects.

  • Date: October 4, 2023 
  • Time: 9:00 AM (WAT)
  • Venue: Central Business District, Abuja

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