Shell Case Study

Shell Case Study
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Powering multinational impact projects

The Kolo Hospital Modification project financed by Shell Petroleum Development Company, was geared towards the provision of comprehensive healthcare through dental and eye care/surgery, screening for blood pressure screenings, pharmaceutical and laboratory services.

Adamma hostel is a new kind of student living experience, designed to help students achieve their social, academic and career goals.

The community wanted to ensure that students develop their skills by providing premium amenities that meets their comfort,safety and wellbeing needs.

The people I meet who service our turbines are special: They`re proud of what they do, and they take their jobs very seriously. It`s not an easy environment to work in. When you`ve experienced standing on the top of an 80m high turbine, swaying in the wind like a ship at sea, you really respect what they do. It takes a cool head and a lot of courage. The solar energy industry is long-standing and can be quite lucrative even as it stays innovative, expanding into wide-reaching areas of the world.

General Electric’s flagship sustainable healthcare program also focused on increasing the access to standard medical care for the community. The project runs a very impressive sustainability model that is powered by Arnergy’s custom containerized solution that powers the entire hospital. Arnergy deployed a 40kWph rooftop solution on an Outright Sale (OS) model with a storage capacity of 180kWh that took 90 days from project initiation to completion.

Arnergy’s core mission of providing energy solutions for productive use was put in full view with the successful deployment of the Kolo Hospital Modification project financed by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in partnership with General Electric (GE)
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