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Charting a Bright Future with Mini-grids and Solar Channel Partners

The limited access to stable electricity and modern cooking fuels and the recent increase in fuel costs have created massive opportunities for sustainable and clean energy solutions to address household energy demands and provide reliable energy for commercial operations.

The “Charting a Bright Future with Mini-grids and Solar Channel Partners” event, organized by Arnergy, is a targeted stakeholder engagement event focused on exchanging knowledge and fostering collaboration between mini-grid developers and solar channel partners towards advancing sustainable energy solutions in Nigeria. We aim to empower mini-grid and solar channel partners with market insights, scaling strategies, and collaboration opportunities.

During the events, renewable energy innovators, grant funding specialists, solar market analysts, experienced mini-grid developers, and supporting government agencies will lead the conversation and provide valuable insights into the latest innovations, grant funding opportunities, and collaboration prospects for mini-grid projects in Nigeria.

Building on the shared vision of charting a bright and promising future for the nation's energy landscape, the stakeholders' engagement will discuss challenges, explore opportunities, and develop viable strategies to accelerate the growth of mini-grids and solar product adoption to achieve sustainable electrification across Nigeria.

Attendees can accomplish the following during the event.

  • Gain insights into the latest mini-grid technologies and solar trends.
  • Get practical recommendations from successful developers and channel partners.
  • Learn about funding opportunities and grant access for renewable projects.
  • Join solar market analysis (growth areas, emerging trends, and opportunities).
  • Listen to mini-grid developers and solar channel partners' shared experiences.

Mini-grid Developers: This group comprises professionals and organizations designing and deploying mini-grid systems in Nigeria. The event seeks to provide insights into the latest innovations, grant funding opportunities, and collaboration prospects to drive the successful implementation of mini-grid projects.

Solar Channel Partners: This group includes retailers, distributors, and entrepreneurs interested in dealing with solar products in Nigeria. The event aims to empower channel partners with knowledge about the market potential, customer engagement strategies, and collaboration opportunities with mini-grid developers.

Government Agency Representative: A distinguished representative from a government agency, such as the head of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency (REA), will deliver a 15-minute keynote speech. The representative will highlight the government's role in driving sustainable electrification efforts and fostering collaboration among stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. 

Gain incredible insights and expand your collaboration network with this important mini-grids and solar channel partners' stakeholder conversation.

  • Date: October 4, 2023 
  • Time: 1:00 PM (WAT)
  • Venue: Central Business District, Abuja

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