Arnergy Media Events

Empowering SMEs in the Commercial and Enterprise Industry through Energy Security (Arnergy Sustainability Series, June 2022)

Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition by Unlocking Entrepreneurs Potential (Snippets from June #EDD22 Event)

Femi Adeyemo Speaks to Channels TV about Arnergy’s Diaspora Initiative that Allows Nigerians Abroad to Finance Solar Solutions

Happy Democracy Day 2022 (Arnergy Solar Exists to emPower Nigerian Homes and Businesses)

Maximizing Convenience in Your Ideal Home (3D Modeling of the Comfort and Luxury Achievable with Arnergy Solar Solutions)

Direct Answers to Your Solar Questions in 60 Seconds (FAQs About Solar and Direct Answers to Them)

Tackling The Electricity Crisis For Homes and Businesses (Arnergy Sustainability Series, March 2022)

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Rallying Oil Prices and Spillover Effect on Nigeria (Arnergy CEO Interview with Channels Television)

How Does the Arnergy SolarBase Work? (A Remote Energy Management Platform for Your Arnergy Solar Systems)

Femi Adeyemo Speaks to Channels TV about Arnergy’s Diaspora Initiative that Allows Nigerians Abroad to Finance Solar Solutions

How Arnergy Taps Diaspora Financing for Solar Projects (Arnergy CEO Interview with CNBC Africa)

Arnergy raised $9million in a Series A Round of Financing (Arnergy CEO, Femi Adeyemo, Speaks with CNBC Africa)

“The Widespread Adoption of Solar Energy Could Solve Nigeria’s Power Problems.” (Arnergy CEO’s Interview with BBC News)

Arnergy CEO, Femi Adeyemo, Speaks to CGTN on the Untapped Potential of Renewable Energy in Nigeria

Find a Solution to the Country’s Notorious Electricity Challenges (Arnergy CEO’s Interview with CGTN Africa)

Funding and Financing Opportunities Towards Scaling Off-Grid (Arnergy Sustainability Series, May 2021)

Debunking myths on the efficacy of renewable solar energy (Arnergy Sustainability Series, April 2021)

Achieving an equal future in the world of work  (Arnergy Sustainability Series, March 2021)

Driving the Adoption of Renewable Energy in Nigeria (Arnergy Sustainability Series, February 2021) 

Leveraging Off-Grid Solar Solutions for COVID-19 Vaccine Preservation (Arnergy CEO, Femi Adeyemo on Network Africa)

How Arnergy is Shaping the Future, One Panel at a Time (An Excerpt from Arnergy CEO’s Interview on CNN’s Inside Africa)

More About Arnergy Solar Solutions​

Arnergy Solar provides domestic and commercial capacities of plug-and-play complete solar systems that integrate highly efficient solar panels, high-capacity solar inverters, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, and a user-friendly operating digital system that accurately coordinates the smooth operations of all the Solar system components ensures efficient integration with your home power connections, and also allow you to monitor and manage your power supply in real-time from anywhere in the world via the SolarBase App.

  • Get 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply in Your Home or Office
  • Eliminate the High Cost of Fueling and Running Generators
  • Power High Capacity Domestic Appliances and Commercial Equipment
  • Access Multiple Flexible Payment and Financing Options
  • Increase Productivity with Constant Power Supply and Zero Down Time
  • Free Installation and Zero Maintenance Costs for the First 12 Months
  • Enjoy Healthier and Noiseless Living Space with Zero Pollution

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