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KPMG Solar Project

The power supply crisis in Nigeria is a complex problem, and even a multinational company like KPMG is not immune to the challenges posed by this crisis.

As a professional service company, KPMG understood the need to solve its power challenges cost-effectively and sustainably with a focus on ensuring complete energy service reliability to power its data center resources.

“Arnergy recommended a solar solution with a PV capacity of 5KWh, which took about two weeks for deployment.”

With a philosophy of optimization and efficiency, the firm sought out Arnergy to build a sustainable and efficient solar system. After an in-depth review and consultation, Arnergy recommended a solar solution with a solar PV capacity of 5KWh that meets their needs.

The Arnergy Solar Solution increased the overall efficiency and reliability of KPMG’s systems by utilizing existing resources and optimizing energy requirements. The firm’s solar energy system currently powers the data recovery center and office amenities.

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