Is There a Solution to the Rising Electricity Costs?

A solution to rising electricity costs

It is common knowledge that the costs of diesel have been on the rise over the last 5 years and there has been over 164% increase. In 2022 alone, the price of diesel has increased from an average of NGN280 to NGN620 per liter as of Wednesday 13th March 2022. With all these uncertainties, how can a business effectively plan?

Today, the reality in Africa is that businesses are struggling to meet their energy needs and many are resorting to power rationing and other forms of cost-cutting techniques with adverse impacts on business operations and productivity. In the absence of a stable national grid, businesses are left with no other choice than to take matters into their hands by leveraging diesel generators. While generators are sometimes effective at delivering the energy needs of businesses, they often attract high fueling and servicing costs, counterfeit products, poor technicians, theft, diesel pilferage, as well as harmful health and environmental risks.

For over eight years, Arnergy has been at the forefront of alleviating these pains and electricity challenges for businesses across Africa. Equipped with Arnergy Solar Systems, many residential homes and businesses are now enjoying the predictability and reliability of meeting their energy needs without stressing or overspending. Beyond these, Businesses are now running with optimal operations, zero cost escalation, service reliability, non harmful emissions, zero noise, and they have been achieving a better competitive edge.

Arnergy Solar System and Panels
Arnergy SolarBase and Monitoring App

In Africa, solar power systems have been the most efficient and adopted kind of renewables, the technology has been tested and proven to offer superior reliability with over 99% uptime, especially when properly routinely maintained.

Arnergy solar is now providing a FREE Consultation channel for businesses and homeowners who want to know more about their energy needs to guide their decisions. Please call 07002288888 or 08002288888, message us on WhatsApp via 08092308888, or email [email protected] to schedule a virtual or physical consultation appointment with a renewable energy expert. You can also Calculate Your Energy Needs to know what type of solar energy is right for you.


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