How to Rescue Your Business from Blackouts

How to Rescue Your Business from Blackouts

How to Rescue Your Business from Blackouts

The majority of businesses across the health, agriculture, hospitality, entertainment,  transport, education, and professional service delivery industry rely a lot on electric energy to function optimally. Availability of constant electricity in a given society often leads to the creation of new markets, businesses, and jobs, providing more income opportunities for individuals and lifting them, their families, and communities out of poverty. The lack of consistent access to reliable energy in Nigeria has been a significant hindrance to the growth of businesses and the economy as a whole.

Interestingly, those who are connected are faced with myriads of supply difficulties most of the time. A 2020 NBS report found that 82.2% of Nigerian Households only get 6.8 hours of electricity in a day. However, several days can go by without any power supply due to grid collapse and faulty power equipment. In an interview with Vanguard, Mrs. Rita Johnson, a resident of Amuwo Odofin in Lagos said:

Blackouts in Nigeria Arnergy Solar

We can continue by stating the obvious facts about the current power situations in Nigeria and how they affect homes and businesses but why should we keep crying over spilled milk when we should be looking for solutions? Presently, there are two viable alternatives for homes and businesses to enjoy stable electricity:

  • The first one involves deploying fuel generators as a major power source or backup.

  • The second alternative entails investing in on-grid or off-grid renewable energy sources such as Solar power systems.

There are several problems such as health risks, environmental pollution, fuel scarcity, diesel price hikes, and so on that are associated with the first option. Diesel, for instance, is both scarce and expensive. So, running a generator will only lead to increased cost of production and your operations will still be hindered by scarcity.

Fuel Scarcity and Price Hike in Nigeria

Our recommendation for homes and businesses will be to invest in quality and reliable renewable energy solutions. Solar power uses the natural energy of the sun to produce electricity that is remarkable for being affordable, sustainable, readily available, and reliable for those who want to harness it.

Arnergy Solar provides reliable and clean Solar power supply for domestic and commercial use. We solve electricity-related problems and deploy systems powerful enough to run ACs, TVs, Fridges, Freezers, Pumping machines, Washing machines, office equipment, industrial machines and so much more.

Our solutions come with flexible payment plans tailored to your preferences and a 5-years warranty. Our SolarBase monitoring system allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption from anywhere in the world. We use lithium-ion batteries which are more durable and reliable and give you well over 10 years life span. All these and much more are imbued in our Arnergy Solar system.

Arnergy Solar Solutions Warehouse

Visit today to purchase a solar unit that fits your budget and needs. You can also reach our team at 0700-228-8888, message us on WhatsApp via 0809-230-8888, or email to get a FREE consultation on your energy needs.

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