Fuel Generators Vs Solar Systems: Making the right choice

Fuel Generators Vs Solar Systems: Making the Right Choice

The world has long embraced the green policy! Though in full implementation in most developed countries of the world, there is pressure on developing nations and emerging economies to adopt a green-friendly culture. It is for this reason that the world is shifting towards renewable sources of energy.

Land degradation, water pollution, emissions, global warming, and ocean acidification, to mention but a few, are damages done in the processing of fuels. The facts remain that in time the world will have to embrace renewable energy sources and discontinue using fossilized fuels such as the fuel used to power your generator.

What then is the future of the fuel generator?
Again, in terms of power generation, the fuel generator is not a future-looking technology, unlike the solar system, which does not damage the earth and is environmentally friendly.
Furthermore, the fluctuating cost of fuel which is most times at the mercy of governmental policies does not make it a reliable energy source, in comparison with solar.
Again, the recurring maintenance cost added to the daily cost of buying fuel, makes it much more expensive to own a fuel generator.

Though some might argue that the cost of installing a Solar system is hefty, the fact remains that with advancements in technology, there is a reduction in the production cost of the solar system that translates to lower pricing for the end consumer. Also, renewable energy enthusiasts posit that solar energy systems will be the cheapest energy source by 2030.
Another reason why a solar system is preferable to a fuel generator is its longevity and durability.
A solar system can last up to 25 years, while the battery needs to be changed every 15 years. They are strong, durable, and built to be tenacious, but when was the last time you serviced or even replaced your fuel generator?
Furthermore, a disadvantage that we often take for granted (because we are used to it) is the noise pollution that the fuel generator emits. The sad fact is that noise pollution harms health, from impaired hearing to spikes in blood pressure and even cardiovascular disease, yet the fuel generator, despite its consistently loud and deafening noise is situated in our homes and close to our sleeping areas.
Wouldn’t it be wise to embrace the healthier and more quiet option that solar energy presents?
Also, the volatile nature of the fuel makes it highly flammable and unsafe, especially around children, while most solar systems are home friendly and a much safer technology than fuel generators.
Yet another reason to choose a Solar system over a fuel generator is the warranty. Fuel generators have a limited warranty of between 3 to 5 years, while solar panels and solar systems have a 10 – 15 year warranty.
So when considering energy options to power your homes and office areas, it is wise to think of renewable energy options while considering a forward-thinking technology like the solar energy system.


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