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You can either buy the system outrightly or choose the Lease to Own (L2O) Model. Own the system in just 5 easy steps;
1) Sign up online and receive your login details to complete registration
2) Complete the KYC process
3) Sign the contract
4) Pay the setup fee (after confirmation)
5) Installation is done by our accredited solar installers.

If you however fail the to qualify for the system, we offer an option of a 6months upfront payment for the system to assure us that you are willing to own the system.

Now you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity on demand by purchasing electricity token of N8, 500 per month for 3 years before the system is unlocked and no electricity token is required.

The set-up fee is a one-time non-refundable payment. It does not include the first month subscription fee.

ARNERGY 500 is bundled with very bright 5 LED bulbs and 2 Sockets that can be used to power either television, fan, laptop, mobile phone charging, small printer, barbing clippers, blender, dehumidifier and its suitable for micro and small businesses. While we encourage customer to be energy efficient in use, the solution will last depending on the use.

It will power a normal 60W Fan for 10 hours.
A 100W Television for 6 hours
A 45W 24” LED Television for 14 hours
4 Efficient 20W DC fans for 8 hours.
5pc of 3W LED Bulbs for 24hours.

Yes, you can power different appliances with cumulative power less than 500W, however the more the appliances the less the hours the system run for. We advice customers to be efficient with energy use to ensure you have 24hrs power supply.

Monthly electricity token can be purchased from our accredited solar angel or ARNERGY centre. The electricity token once received will be used to activate the ARNERGY 500 system.

ARNERGY 500 is offered on a Pay As You Go service basis. As such, we would like to take necessary steps to really know and validate every customer to ensure we serve Nigerians uninterrupted Power. We understand that some of the personal details being requested may be very sensitive information, so we have secured our platform to protect all your data.

ARNERGY 500 is available for outright ownership in all 36 states of Nigeria, including the FCT but Lease to Own (L2O) is currently available in Lagos and Kaduna Only.

ARNERGY 500 is a solar solution that generates electricity for use on a daily basis. We understand that financial circumstances can change suddenly or the customer may travel out of town for a while, please note that in such cases, we require customer to load their electricity token for a minimum of 25 days in a month. Customer must pay for the energy generated every month the system is in their custody. We therefore advise you take every effort to meet the monthly obligation required.

ARNERGY 500 offers you opportunity to make your financial plan with ease. You can choose to pay for more than 1 month at once, even a year. The system does not currently support rebate nor discount.

There are a few reasons behind prospective customer disqualification. The most common reason is that the prospective customer did not share all of the information required during the KYC process or filled invalid details. However, there can be other reasons. As a responsible PAYG Solar Company, we take steps to ensure we only extend access to the right profile of prospective customer. Whatever the situation, we recommend revisiting the website in 1 or 2 months to re-apply as the criteria of these decisions are constantly refined.

However, if you fail to qualify, we offer an option of a 6months upfront payment for the system to assure us that you are willing to own the system.

If you made your payment via an electronic channel before 12 noon, your payment will be confirmed same day before close of business. However, if your payment comes in after 12 noon, we will confirm your payment the next business day. If you make a cash transfer, please be sure to include the same name you signed up with in the transfer description so your account can be reconciled swiftly.

The company takes responsibility to service and maintain ARNERGY 500 during the Leasing period without any cost to the customer. The customer is encouraged to take adequate care to protect the equipment from willful damage. Should there be any system malfunction, customer can deliver the system to our Service Centre for servicing and maintenance and pick up within 48hours.

There are no any other charges for repairs or spare parts.

Installation fee is a flat cost of ₦15,000.00 which is to be payed before commencement of installation.

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We make 24/7 electricity in your house become a reality by providing you a turnkey service with a system custom designed to suit your energy need and provide free maintenance and telephone support services round the clock to ensure you have uninterrupted solar power supply.

We are NOT just another solar installation company - we provide you a new lifestyle!

Our Solar Plans are tailored to meet the energy needs of residential homes, SMEs and large enterprises. We provide affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly power to people using two major packages, namely:
• Arnergy Solar Packages
• Arnergy Solar Pay As You Go Package (PAYG)
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We provide customised solutions to meet your exact need. We can come to your home or office and carry out an energy audit, thus determining the capacity of solar installation to be carried out.
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