Expand Your Mini-grid Resources & Capacities

Join this innovative stakeholders event empowering mini-grid developers and solar channel partners.

The limited access to stable power in Nigeria and the recent hikes in fuel costs have created opportunities for sustainable and clean energy solutions in households and commercial enterprises.

The Charting a Bright Future with Mini-grids and Solar Channel Partners” stakeholders event is the perfect platform for ambitious mini-grid developers to engage renewable energy innovators, grant funding specialists, solar market analysts, experienced mini-grid developers, and supporting government agencies to gain valuable insights into the latest innovations, grant funding opportunities, and collaboration prospects for mini-grid projects in Nigeria.

Join this stakeholder engagement to gain insights and expand your collaboration networks for mini-grid projects.

  • Event Theme: Charting a Bright Future with Mini-grids and Solar Channel Partner
  • Date: October 4, 2023 
  • Time: 100 PM (WAT)
  • Venue: Central Business District, Abuja

Would you like to attend?

You can email [email protected], call 018888554, or send a Whatsapp to 08092308888 today to learn more about Arnergy Solar Solutions and how they can deliver on your energy needs.


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