Estates can now get reliable and stable power that meets their needs

Abysmal power situations in the country have threatened the comfort and security promised made by landlords to homeowners in many estates. This setback often causes many estates to rely heavily on mega generators to deliver on the basic energy needs and maintain comfort in their compounds. However, the menace of toxic engine wastes, fuel scarcity, air pollution, and generator noises have become negative consequences to homeowners and the environment around estates.

Why Gated Estate Solutions Will Work for You?


Increased Values for Homes


Uninterruptible Power Supply


Reduced Spending on Utility


Real-time System Monitoring


Clean & Healthy Environment


Zero Noise and Air Pollution


Improved Safety & Security


Efficient & Scalable System

Arnergy Gated Estate Solutions

On-Grid Gated Estate Solutions

Arnergy solutions are aimed at bridging the gap between energy reliability and comfort in homes and residential areas. We deliver clean and noiseless energy solutions that can independently provide homes with stable power, and are also equipped with the capabilities to utilize power from designated sources to augment power needs when necessary. Our on-grid solar solution is a complete system designed and deployed to integrate with the national grid and backup generator in homes and ensure smart power consumption based on the owner's preferences.

Off-Grid Gated Estate Solutions

Epileptic power supply has caused many homes to invest heavily in fueling and maintaining generators, as well as endure harm caused to people and the environment by the noises and hazardous fumes emitted from these generators. Our off-grid solutions deliver a highly efficient solar microgrid that independently provides stable, reliable, and clean energy that meets the power requirements of homes and residential buildings.

The Process


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