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African Businesses & Electricity

What is the current power situation for businesses?

The productivity of businesses in Africa is often heavily impeded by regular power outages and overreliance on backup generators that are highly expensive to operate and always present considerable health and environmental challenges. In recent years, the rising cost of fuel, occasional scarcity, and logistics challenges have further reduced the reliability of fuel generators and caused businesses to lose countless productive man-hours to the frustrating power situation.

Renewable Energy in Africa

What are the viable and accessible alternatives?

Due to the abundance and ease of access, renewable energy sources have become the most sustainable energy solutions for commercial use today and they offer struggling African businesses the chance to get reliable electricity and reduce utility spending. At Arnergy, we have developed highly reliable and efficient Solar Solutions that deliver stable electricity to businesses and homes round the clock and can be scaled to fit each customer’s specific energy needs.

What Can Arnergy Offer Your Business?

Our customers enjoy 5 years warranty, free maintenance for the first 12 months, a remote monitoring platform, a system operational life of over 10 years, and a flexible payment plan that aligns with their finances.

Reliable Power

A stable solution to the erratic national grid and costly generators.

Cost-saving Opportunities

Reduced monthly fueling and maintenance expenses.

Healthy Workspace

An office environment that is free from pollution and toxic wastes.

Sustainable Operations

Freedom from rising diesel costs and persistent fuel scarcity.

Enhanced Productivity

Constant electricity to power all business activities

Go-green Initiative

Contnous decarbonization and energy transition

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