Arnergy offers solar solutions that are tailored to address pressing electricity needs in our African societies. These modular solutions are designed with different capacities that will deliver the right amount of power to your home devices, office machines, or commercial equipment.

Arnergy BlueBox

We deliver clean and noiseless energy solutions that can independently provide homes with stable power. Arnergy Residential Solutions ensures that homes enjoy reliable and stable power without hurdles…

Commercial Power Solutions

A perfect way to meet the energy and health needs of your housing estates is the Arnergy Gated Estate solutions that deliver clean and noiseless energy solutions that can independently provide homes with stable power…

Power your business operations with cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. Our Solutions have been efficiently deployed to various industries including health, hospitality, education, FMGC among others…

Renewable power system for TELCO and ISP base stations

Power supply is the major constraint to the expansion of telecommunication services into rural areas in Africa. Our RuralBase solution is a breakthrough in reliable energy for rural telephony….

👇🏿 What will Arnergy Solar Offer Me?

Clean & reliable 24/7 electricty

Over 10 years of service life

Amazing five years warranty

Flexible payment plans

Cost savings & energy efficiency

Zero noise and toxic emissions

High-Quality lithium-ion storage

Quality air & healthy living space

Remote energy management

Questions? Speak to Our Experts

Our Renewable Energy Experts are always available to speak with you and share valuable insights and details regarding your requests, as well as guide you towards finding the right solar solutions that meet your energy needs and align with your budget.

Arnergy Solar - Speak to our energy expert

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