Do Solar Power Systems Even Work?

Solar Systems Shared Experience

What many people worry about essentially when it comes to relying on Solar to power their home or business is the initial capital outlay and operational life of the system. About five years ago, the General Manager of one notable hospitality business in Lagos started on a journey towards switching his hotel completely to Solar, and today he feels confident enough to share his story with you.

Solar Systems Shared Experience

“Sometime around 2015, I heard about renewables and how you can power a building completely on Solar. I was very interested in the cost-saving prospects of eliminating fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and electricity bills, but later that year, bad reviews about many Solar dealers forced me to give up on the idea and stick to generators. 

Fast forward to early last year (2021), a former employee of mine who recently moved to Canada shared an IG story about how she solved the blackout for her fashion business in Abuja with a Solar System that can work 24/7 and how her shop hasn’t spent a dime on generator or electricity bills for over 9 months.

I was curious because I know quality Solar systems are often very expensive, and I was wondering how she managed to raise millions of naira to acquire a reliable 24/7 Solar System for her fashion shop. I spoke to her about it, and she told me that the high-quality Solar System was acquired from Arnergy Solar, a leading Solar company in Nigeria with an installment payment plan that spread up to 36 months. She also said the Solar system comes with a five years warranty and 12 months of free maintenance.

Solar Systems Shared Experience

As a business manager myself, I envy all the experiences she shared with me and I became interested in Solar solutions again. I did some research and decided after a few days to speak to Arnergy Solar to ask some more questions. The Arnergy team inquired about the devices and equipment in my office that need to be powered, conducted an energy audit, and recommended a 30kVA Solar System for me.

In all honesty, I have always appreciated that phone call and my decision to purchase the Arnergy 30kVA system for my hotel two weeks later. I love how the solar system can power our pumping machine, multiple TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, microwaves, and other devices. Initially, I assumed that I will be changing batteries every three months as I have heard on social media but the special kind of batteries they used have worked for the past eleven (11) months without any incidents. The system has been working well without issues and the Arnergy team is always prompt with their routine maintenance.

Solar Systems Shared Experience

Earlier this year, I decided to explore Arnergy’s lease-to-own plan to get one of their 5kVA Solar systems for my home, and the monthly repayment is very reasonable. I was amazed by the level of joy and comfort the uninterrupted electricity brought to my family. We now enjoy stable electricity that keeps our devices and home alive all the time, plus the generator expenses and noises are gone now. Also, we get a five years warranty and a routine maintenance plan that gives us long-term confidence.

I felt cheated for all the months we have had to spend exorbitant amounts on fueling generators in the office and for all the discomfort that power outages had caused my family.”

Arnergy Solar BlueBox

We have more amazing stories from our clients all around the country and will keep sharing them with you. Enjoy this testimonial video: I don’t use my generator anymore -Dr. Efunbo Dosekun

Please call Arnergy Solar NOW on 07002288888 or 08002288888, message us on WhatsApp via 08092308888, or email to ask questions and get a Solar System that meets your needs.

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