Our Customer Stories

 Arnergy Solar provides reliable and sustainable energy services for small, medium and large businesses across our target markets.


Powering a multi-use facility to empower students in Eastern Nigeria.

Healthcare Sector

Energy for Productive Use - Powering multinational impact projects


Guaranteed reliability to support critical activities

FMCG Sector

Rite Foods Ltd Factory ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Healthcare Sector

MedExpress Akerele Lagos State.

Healthcare Sector

Advantage Health Lagos State.

Commercial Power Solutions
Energy Sector

Ardova PLC, Waraewa.

Residential Sector

Anthony Ahumibe’s Residence New Karu, Abuja.

Education Sector

Lagoon School, Lekki Phase I, Lagos State.

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Arnergy is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.

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