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Arnergy, A Leading Distributed Renewable Energy Player, Closes $US 3 Million Bridge Round

Arnergy has successfully closed a bridge round of $ 3 million financing with the infusion of capital by one of its Series A investors, All On.

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Why You Must Attend this Telco Webinar 🤔🤔

The telecom industry faces significant challenges with ongoing volatility and rising fuel costs. In the forthcoming Arnergy webinar, renowned industry experts and stakeholders address these energy demands and opportunities in Nigeria’s telecoms tower ecosystem.

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Explore Opportunities in the Telecoms & Energy Ecosystem

The webinar, themed “Driving mobile connectivity with off-grid solar solutions for telco base stations,” focuses on spotlighting the renewable energy demands and opportunities in Nigeria’s telecoms tower ecosystem.

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A Rewarding Opportunity for Intelligent Young Nigerians

Encourage young people around you to join this competition, develop powerful GreenTech and sustainable solutions to real-life challenges, and win exceptional prizes.

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Arnergy Tackles Real Estates Energy Challenges and Advances Mini-grid Collaborations

Last Wednesday, 4th October 2023, we conveyed an all-important gathering of leaders and stakeholders across the critical sectors around real estate development and renewable energy solutions.

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Expand Your Mini-grid Resources & Capacities

Join this innovative stakeholders event empowering mini-grid developers and solar channel partners.

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Fulfill Your Real Estate Energy Demands

Attend this crucial real estate stakeholders’ engagement to achieve sustainable electricity for real estate projects.

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4 Lessons To Learn From The Upcoming Webinar

Learn these four essential lessons from household energy experts during the upcoming Arnergy webinar conversation.

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Webinar: Join the Conversation on Reducing Household Energy Bills

In this crucial webinar series, Arnergy engages seasoned professionals with experience in household energy optimization to discuss the ongoing energy challenges and analyze the viable renewable and solar energy alternatives.

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