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Lowering Your Energy Bills Amidst the Band-A Tariff Hike

Nigeria’s businesses are grappling with soaring energy costs in light of the recent Band-A tariff hike and the high costs of running backup generators. Over the past five years, reputable renewable solutions in Nigeria have demonstrated significant success in achieving stable power supply at no running cost for business operations.

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A Rewarding Opportunity for Intelligent Young Nigerians

Encourage young people around you to join this competition, develop powerful GreenTech and sustainable solutions to real-life challenges, and win exceptional prizes.

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Arnergy Tackles Real Estates Energy Challenges and Advances Mini-grid Collaborations

Last Wednesday, 4th October 2023, we conveyed an all-important gathering of leaders and stakeholders across the critical sectors around real estate development and renewable energy solutions.

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Power Up! Become More Productive

Are generator expenses derailing your performance? Rekindle your business prospects and enliven your facilities.

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Why Arnergy 10000 is the Model Solar System for You

With Nigeria’s recent spike in fuel prices due to the removal of fuel subsidies and the preceding global energy crises, businesses face dual challenges of…

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Bill Gates, Arnergy Discuss Accelerating Renewable Energy Adoption in Nigeria

“I had a chance to visit their office in Lagos last week, and it’s safe to say I was arnerg-ized by our conversations.” – Bill Gates

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How can businesses manage the current energy challenges?

The subsidy removal has further aggravated the poor access to energy for commercial enterprises. Click to continue reading…

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What Is The Value Of Solar To Real Estate Investments?

An astute Solutions Engineer at Arnergy analyzes why reliable solar solutions have raised investment values for many real estate agents and homeowners.

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Five Trends That Will Define Business Success in 2023

A brief analysis of the top five defining trends crucial to business success in 2023.

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