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Arnergy has successfully closed a bridge round of $ 3 million financing with the infusion of capital by one of its Series A investors, All On.

Coping With The Fuel Price Hike

How Have You Been Coping With The Fuel Price Hike?

Variable costs can hamper your profits and affect your projections. However, electricity cost is one less thing you have to worry about when you are guaranteed electricity supply from the sun.

Solar Panels on Roof

What Are the Types of Solar Panels?

Before installing a solar panel, you need to consider factors like – the cost of the solar panel, its appearance, and energy efficiency. Additionally, the type of solar panel you choose is another determining factor you should consider; it affects how much the installation and manufacturing will cost and how it would fit your rooftop.

Solar Energy for Productive Use

Keeping Up With Your Energy Needs

Besides the inconsistency of power supply in this part of the world, especially, there is also nothing to be desired about the environmental pollution caused by non-renewable sources of energy.

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