Best Appliances for Solar Power Systems

Global warming, which has become an environmental challenge, has been linked to carbon footprints per individual. This means that we leave behind an impact on the environment for every activity we undertake, like driving our cars, using electricity, and operating machinery. Our carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gases we are responsible for creating through these activities. 

As a result of the negative impact of greenhouse emissions on our environment, cleaner and more renewable energy sources have been developed to replace energy generated from fossilized fuels; one of these is solar energy. The question of how sustainable and reliable solar energy is, compared to power from the national grid begs to be answered. Also are the type of appliances that are best operated using solar energy.

First, energy from the national grid can be generated almost anytime, unlike solar energy, which is just generated when the sun is up. Though there is a mechanism for storing excess solar energy during the day – for use at night – the fact remains that if your energy consumption is high, the tendency is that you will use up the stored energy before it is replenished by sunrise. How can we bridge this gap and ensure that solar energy is sustainable and sufficient for our use? The answer lies in using energy-efficient appliances.

Energy efficiency first became a subject of interest in the US during World War 2, where fuel efficiency became vital to the war efforts. The National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service was set up to provide advisory services on energy-saving measures. The need for this was aggravated by fuel shortages which continued after the war. Also, energy management as a disparate field evolved after the first oil crisis of 1973 and came into full effect after the second oil crisis of 1979 when oil prices rose dramatically. In 1992, the Energy Star program was established to promote energy-saving innovations. The Energy Star label placed on products indicated that such products use less energy than other products in that category.

In 2010, public policy advocacy favored energy efficiency, which grew in recognition of how energy efficiency could help countries meet their climate target and the myriad of economic opportunities energy efficiency provided. This public advocacy has resulted in the adoption of energy-efficient appliances. In 2021, the American Department of Energy stated that Americans saved enough energy to power 10 million homes and avoided greenhouse gas emissions from 12 million cars, all while saving $6 billion. Also, the American environmental protection agency posited that commercial buildings contribute nearly 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. However, those with the Energy Star label have cut down their energy consumption by 35%.

Energy-efficient models utilize small amounts of energy to complete tasks, and they operate under lower temperatures and lower energy settings. They include energy-efficient models of Refrigerators, Air conditions, Water heaters, Lighters, Dishwashers, Washing machines, and Dryers. 

Apart from the obvious benefit of helping to save energy, energy-efficient appliances are environmentally friendly; they help save water and money and last longer because they do not require frequent replacements like inefficient energy models.

So, the next time you go shopping for appliances, it is wise to purchase an energy-efficient model as these are energy and money-friendly, and very solar energy compliant.

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