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Adamma hostel is a new kind of student living experience, designed to help students achieve their social, academic and career goals. The community wanted to ensure that students develop their skills by providing premium amenities that meets their comfort,safety and wellbeing needs.
Arnergy was the 5th company that was interviewed by Dr. Ojiakwu who really did not believe that solar could deliver the expected electricity services for his facilities. Dr Ojiakwu did not want to get involved with price volatility, theft and the scarcity of diesel supply. In order to reach the client’s goals, the Arnergy team provided him with a comprehensive list of the features and benefits of our system. Considering that Dr. Ojiakwu lived most of his life outside Nigeria, he was wary of utility price volatility, resource theft and mismanagement, and the scarcity of diesel supply. He contracted Arnergy’s services so that all of the facilities within the establishment could run sustainably and efficiently with optimal productive use.
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