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Our Story

One of the biggest challenges we face in Nigeria is the intermittency of power, the unreliable national grid and the energy deficit across the value chain. Nigerians have long used diesel generators and have gotten comfortable with it.

Arnergy intends to solve this by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions. We believe that our success will be based on prioritizing consumer education and providing resources that enable a seamless conversion that will help in creating brand awareness and product adoption.

Arnergy's core values

Our work is guided by a set of core values.

Blaze a Trail

Tackle problems head on. Lead the way. Build unique services, products, markets and opportunities for all.

Live the life of Grit

Be resilient, pursue excellence, put in little extras, it does make a huge difference.

Make Heroes

Provide opportunities. Collaborate. Unleash the potentials in our people, customers and partners, within and outside the ecosystem.

Think Safety First

All accidents are preventable. Follow safety procedures without shortcuts. Be responsible for the safety of yourself and others.

Do more less with less

Be creative and efficient with resources. Make data driven decisions.

Be Honest

Tell the truth always. Do the right thing. Keep to promises.

Save the Planet

Replace fossil fuel. Reuse, recycle, dispose sustainably.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitments

We are committed to exemplary performance at Arnergy which is why we comply with notable international Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards to ensure that we leave a positive impact on people and the environment.

Our internal practices have been aligned with such standards as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Our commitments include executing projects in a safe manner to protect our employees well being and the environment where we work.

Our ESG commitments also drive us to ensure our business produces a larger development impact in society. We record several applicable developmental impact indicators to help us track our impacts and for stakeholder feedback.

Arnergy and Climate Change

Arnergy’s solar-powered solution provides clean, renewable energy for businesses and households and presents a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. This is very important in combating the climate change issues we currently face in many parts of the world including Africa.

Every kilowatt of power generated through our solar solutions represents the power that would have otherwise been generated by burning fossil fuels that release CO2 and other greenhouse gases (gases that warm the atmosphere).

At Arnergy, we collect this data to help us track our efforts towards reducing global warming in line with international climate change agreements like the Paris Agreement.

Our Mission

To deliver energy solutions for productive use by deploying products, services and systems that power business operations and improve economic outcomes for our clients.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets.

Our Focus Areas

We improve businesses and economic outcomes by emphasizing on reliable energy for productive use and reducing OPEX costs that threaten the sustainability of our target business clusters. We have perfected our role as a distributed utility by reducing pressure on the national grid and allowing local grid activity to serve industrial zones and public good thus stimulating economic growth.


We have the capacity to deliver quality solutions with superior customer service and timely after-sales technical support.


We provide market-ready technologies that are scalable and easy for customers to manage their energy assets.


We leverage local intelligence in optimizing resource requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Impact

To deliver energy solutions for productive use by deploying products, services and systems that power business operations and improve economic outcomes for our clients.

Arnergy clientele and partners

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