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Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof? What you Need to Know.

So, there’s a general misconception that solar panels harm the roof of the house. Well, this is because the panels are placed on the rooftops to get maximal exposure to sunlight. However, how true is this belief about solar panels damaging the roof of your house? Let’s find out!

Modern roofs are made up of mostly asphalt, metal, tiles, tar & gravel. Roofs act as a cover to the building and structure and add aesthetics to the house. While most roofs can last for up to 50 years, every roof has a lifespan that can cause leaks and structural damage to your building when exceeded. Damages to rooftops are often caused by extreme weather conditions, poor installations, and bird droppings which are acidic. 

On the other hand, solar panels are made from silicon, a hard and brittle crystalline solid that is the second most abundant element on the earth, after oxygen. Silicon is used in making ceramics, bricks, and transistors. It is widely used in computer chips and solar cells. It is also a vital component of portland cement and is used in the production of fire bricks.

Solar panels are mounted on roofs using a lag bolt and flashing. The bolt is attached to the roof’s rafters, which are tightly secured to the solar panels and the racking system. To ensure there is no leakage, a piece of flashing is placed underneath the shingle. Solar panels are mounted on metal roofs using racking attached to corrugated metal roofs with a bracket designed specifically for this roof type. The bracket method is used to install solar panels on corrugated roofs, fitted over the rib and held in place by galvanized screws. Flat roofs require ballast mounts to have solar panels installed on them. The solar panels and their racking are held in place on the roof from the weight of cinder blocks.

These methods of installing solar panels do not involve drilling or penetrating the roof in any way, and in some cases, the solar panels are not installed directly on the roof. Also, as long as your solar installer is a licensed, qualified professional, he will not make mistakes that will damage your roof. Again is the validity of your roof; how old is your roof? This is particularly important because most solar energy systems last for up to 35 years, and if your roof is reaching its expiry period or in bad condition already, it will not outlast your solar panels.

In conclusion, if you hear of roof damage occurring because of a solar installation, it is likely because the roof was initially in poor condition. Also, to answer the question, – No, solar panels do not damage your roofs because most times, they aren’t installed directly on the roof, and if your roof is in good condition, it will not be burdened by the installation of solar panels. 

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