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Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power with top-quality and reliable solar solutions

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Get stable, healthy, and noiseless electricity that meets the energy and comfort needs of your home, compound, or housing estates

Operational Efficiency

Enhance your business operations with reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions from Arnergy Solar.

Reliability Score

Get reliable off-grid Solar power solutions that eliminate logistics risks and fueling expenses for TELCO and ISP base stations.

What Will Arnergy Offer You?

Adopt the Model Solar Solution for Homes and Businesses.

24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

Five (5) years of warranty.

Over ten (10) years service life.

Flexible funding options.

Active after-sales Support.

Lasting lithium (LiFePO₄) batteries.

Modular and scalable system units.

Online remote energy management

Clean, stable, and noiseless electricity.

Smooth installation and maintenance.

Green Energy Generated
0 GWh+
Installed Solar PV Capacity
0 MWp+
Active Storage System (BESS)
0 MWh+
Displaced CO2e Equivalent
0 MT+
Sequestered Carbon Equivalent (Tree Seedlings Grown)
0 k+
Avoided Diesel Equivalent (Litres)
0 million

Why Should You Trust Us?

Arnergy is a venture-backed cleantech with the long-term growth and expansion potential to attract key investments and financing from energy investors across the globe, including Breakthrough Energy (BEV), Norfund, EDFI, and All On. We are trusted and dependable and have the right resources and commitment to grow and deliver excellent service over a long period.

“I had a chance to visit Arnergy’s office in Lagos, and it’s safe to say I was arnerg-ized by our conversations.”
“Arnergy is in the right segment towards meeting the Nigeria’s demands for energy. We need the private sector to take leadership in such conversations. What Arnergy is doing is good not just for businesses, but for families and the climate.”
“Arnergy and Panaserv partnership empowers Nigerians through sustainable solar solutions. By providing state-of-the-art Daikin solutions to residential and commercial customers, this partnership seek to deliver better air, reduce health hazards, and critically reduce pressures on the national grid across Nigeria.”
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